Why DoorDash Is Tripling Down On Its DashMart Footprint

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Why DoorDash Is Tripling Down On Its DashMart Footprint

While most quick commerce startups have come and gone in recent years, such offerings built on top of pre-existing food delivery marketplaces have continued to garner internal investment from publicly traded players like DoorDash and Delivery Hero. In 2019, Berlin-based Delivery Hero opened its first dark Dmart store in Turkey. In the summer of 2020, HNGRY broke the story of DoorDashโ€™s foray into becoming a first-party merchant with DashMart. Today, there are ~1,200 Dmarts across the world and 192 DashMarts in the US, Canada, and Australia. Just over a third of these US locations have a liquor license. With the 2021 DoorDash acquisition of Wolt, the company now operates similar Wolt Market dark stores. As of May 2021, Wolt counted 100 dark stores in 17 countries. In LatAm, privately held food delivery marketplace Rappi is estimated to operate approximately 430 Turbo dark stores across Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador. Altogether, HNGRY estimates that there are approximately 1,919 global dark stores operated by these third-party food delivery marketplaces. The warehouses typically offer ~3k-5k grocery and convenience SKUs for delivery in about 30 minutes, up from 15 minutes during the pandemic.

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