004. welcome 2 biodome: the #personalizednutrition revolution

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004. welcome 2 biodome: the #personalizednutrition revolution
Over half of our bodies aren’t human, but rather foreign bacteria cells we’ve inherited from the womb, our diets, and our environment, mostly housed in our gut. If you were to pick two people at random, they’d share over 99% of similar DNA but only up to 10% of the same microbes. Studies have shown that the uniqueness of our guts are correlated to our blood glucose response, which is responsible for everything from obesity to diabetes and depression. In this episode, we examine what happens when AI and wearables team up to form a unique set of recommendations around our daily food choices. Throw everything you once knew about dieting and nutrition out the window and join HNGRY as we explore this very new frontier personalized nutrition, a projected $450bn global market within the next eight years.

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