Ex-Gopuff & Uber Employees Bring Art & Science To Retail Site Selection

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Ex-Gopuff & Uber Employees Bring Art & Science To Retail Site Selection

Real estate is the second highest cost on a food & beverage P&L. While there are a number of solutions on the market like Kalibrate, SiteZeus, and Placer that help food retailers like restaurants or grocers with site selection, none are able to meld their datasets with an operator’s own internal store-level metrics to predict the success of a new location. That’s where a new services-oriented startup called PrimeSite comes in. The company was founded last May by John Rabiner and Michael Sannuti, two former Gopuff employees who worked closely on operations and construction for its 400+ fulfillment centers.

Through their combined experience building real estate for companies like Uber, Wawa, Insomnia Cookies, and McDonalds, they both realized that few, if any, SMB restaurant or CPG operators had the technology know-how and expertise to leverage data to de-risk their real estate decisions. PrimeSite offers three core services to help clients locate, build, and grow their physical retail locations handling everything from data modeling to project management and building fulfillment-driven technology stacks.

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