Report: Analyzing The Current Kitchen Robotics Players In The US

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Report: Analyzing The Current Kitchen Robotics Players In The US

Over the last eight years many automated restaurant concepts have come and go, most of which were vertically integrated restaurant tech startups looking to build a brand while simultaneously building proprietary tech. Notable concepts include Spyce, Creator Burger, Eatsa, and Zume, all of which leveraged their automation as a selling point to consumers. Today, of the ten major players in the space, six are building consumer-facing, front-of-house robotic concepts while the remaining four look to quietly improve efficiencies in the back of house. The latter is evidenced by publicly traded companies like Sweetgreen, Chipotle, and Middleby Corporation investing in their own proprietary automation. Meanwhile, most smaller companies have two-pronged go-to-market strategies, operating their own stores while also licensing their technology to other operators for a monthly fee. Kernel, the latest sustainable-focused robotic concept from Chipotle founder Steve Ells, also appears to be pursuing this path. Below is an analysis of the financial state and technological progress of these players.

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