Provecho Launches “OnlyFans” Business Model For TikTok Chef Influencers

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Provecho Launches “OnlyFans” Business Model For TikTok Chef Influencers

In August 2021, Provecho launched the first link-in-bio tool for influential TikTok and Instagram culinary creators. The scrappy duo identified a lack of options when it comes to hosting and monetizing their written recipe content. The business model originally centered around creating a talent agency to match CPG brands with chef influencers who would sneak in references to using a specific sponsored ingredient such as Cabot cheddar cheese. Such engagements can net creators $5k-$12k per post but are tedious to set up while also sacrificing the authenticity of their brand. Now, Provecho has unlocked a new source of revenue for creators that allows them to directly monetize their content through the introduction of paid recipes. Creators can set prices for their online cookbooks or individual recipes, and can even set up “suggested donations” for their fans to pay as they wish. The model seeks to improve upon the status-quo of Google AdSense and Wordpress with a clean, native format for freemium recipes.

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