Common Ground Champions Regenerative Ag As Movement To Fix Climate & Health Crises

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Common Ground Champions Regenerative Ag As Movement To Fix Climate & Health Crises

Last week, I watched a screening of Common Ground, the latest documentary on regenerative agriculture from the producers of award-winning Kiss The Ground. The film breaks down the current industrial agriculture system in America and the perverse incentives between agrochemical companies, the Farm Bill, federal nutrition guidelines, and farmers. Its title is eponymous to the soil beneath every living being that supports all life and whose health is in jeopardy as humans turn it to dust through deforestation, tillage erosion, and monocropping. The message is a clear warning that the way we currently grow our food prevents our ability to continue growing it in the future, yet offers hope through the process of regeneration. This involves age-old practices like planned grazing and cover crops while forgoing tillage and toxic chemicals. The film is a call-to-action for a lofty initiative called 100 Million Acres, which has partnered with three regenerative certification programs to help transition just over 10% of the 900 million acres of range and farmland in the US to certified regenerative systems by 2025.

The three regenerative certification programs collectively touch 100 million acres of farmland (Source: 100 Million Acres)

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