Beyond The Pump: Vroom Delivery Helps C-Stores Go Omnichannel

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Beyond The Pump: Vroom Delivery Helps C-Stores Go Omnichannel

In the US, convenience stores are a $650bn+ industry with food and other merchandise accounting for 37%, the remainder being fuel. It is also one of the most fragmented markets with 63% single-store operators. These stores also make great delivery merchants as 90% of Americans live within a 10-minute drive of one. Over the last eight years, Vroom Delivery has been helping 70 small and medium-sized c-store chains integrate their own first-party delivery through its whitelabel solution across 3k+ stores. Last week, it rolled out its Commerce 360 platform that handles automated menu management across c-store’s first-party, third-party, and in-store kiosk channels. The product is one of few solutions in the industry building the β€œOlo for c-stores,” allowing operators to drive as much as 10-15% in incremental digital sales.

The move is an important one as marketplaces like DoorDash and Uber Eats double down on non-restaurant merchants for GOV growth as their core restaurant marketplace matures. It also comes as standalone dark stores like Gopuff struggle to compete against these superapp rivals who have the benefit of already owning massive user bases thanks to their breadth of services, including DoorDash's first-party convenience store, DashMart.

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