Beyond Rhetoric: The Path To Scaling ‘Food Is Medicine’

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Beyond Rhetoric: The Path To Scaling ‘Food Is Medicine’

The following article is an op-ed written by Brad McNamara of Morrissey Market, edited by HNGRY.

As the CEO of Morrissey Market, a platform committed to disrupting the conventional e-grocery landscape, I am compelled to address a crucial aspect of our collective health and well-being: operationalizing ‘Food Is Medicine’ services. Over the past few years, such partnerships between the public and private sectors have incentivized patients to eat healthier with the ultimate economic goal of lowering the burden of healthcare costs of chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity. As a Boston-based tech startup, Morrissey Market reimagines the food supply chain to bolster this concept, offering end-to-end solutions from curated box creation to home delivery, bridging the gap between food as medicine providers and the wholesale supply chain.

Brad McNamara is a 2x founder of vertical farm shipping container startup Freight Farms and most recently, Morrissey Market

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